Viviscal™ PRO

Grow Thicker, Fuller Hair Naturally

There’s finally a 100% drug-free, hair-growth supplement that’s clinically proven to promote thicker, fuller hair.* Viviscal PRO is a groundbreaking supplement that nourishes and revitalizes your hair from the inside out, and the key ingredients are backed by numerous clinical trials and 25 years of research.*

Viviscal PRO is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients and contains the proprietary AminoMar™ marine complex, plus a vital blend of nutrients, like Biotin, Apple Extract, Vitamin C and essential amino acids.

What to Expect

Viviscal™ PRO promotes existing hair growth in four stages over a six-month period. However, many patients start to see results in as little as three months.

During the first stage, your hair follicles will be nourished. Wispy hair becomes strengthened in stage two.* The third stage encourages existing hair growth, and you may see less breakage and thinning.* By stage four, your hair should be noticeably stronger, healthier and more vibrant.*

Clinical Results Over Six Months:*

  • 12% increase in hair diameter
  • 80% increase in number of terminal hairs
  • Increase in hair strength
  • Increase in scalp coverage

Is Viviscal PRO Right for Me?

Just about anyone who is interested in hair restoration can benefit from Viviscal PRO. Ideal candidates include men and women who want thicker, healthier, stronger hair. However, those who are allergic to seafood or shellfish and pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take this medication.

Viviscal PRO dietary supplements are only available through select physicians, such as Dr. Gold  at the Global Center for Hair Restoration, in Nashville, TN. To discover what Viviscal PRO can do for you, schedule a no-obligation consultation now.

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Source: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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