There are many different factors that contribute to the formation of acne. Patients of all different ages and backgrounds suffer from acne, and while there are many different topical products and medications that promise to treat and eliminate acne, few, if any, are fully effective or without risk. At Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, we offer AviClear™, a powerful laser treatment that can eliminate acne and help you achieve beautiful, clear skin.

What Is AviClear™?

AviClear™is an award-winning laser treatment specifically designed for patients who suffer from acne. Those with acne-prone skin can schedule this treatment to target and eliminate active acne and regular breakouts, achieve clearer skin, and prevent the formation of future breakouts.

Our AviClear™ treatments are performed by Kevin Griffin, PA-C, Marci Levy Kleinrock, PA-C, and Collette Utley, DNP, NP-C. You can trust their expertise and advanced training when you schedule your treatment at Gold Skin Care Center.

How It Works

This laser device uses 1726 nm wavelengths to destroy bacteria in the pores that cause acne. By targeting the bacteria that causes acne at the source, the light energy can perfect the skin and promote a clearer and healthier-looking complexion. Not only does the light energy emitted by the device destroy bacteria, but it can also reduce oil production by suppressing the sebaceous glands.

Excess sebum is one factor that contributes to the formation of acne, and it does so by mixing with dead skin cells and clogging the pores. We can treat and reduce breakouts by addressing acne at the pore level and helping you feel more confident in your complexion.

A Safe and Effective Treatment

Studies have shown that the results of an AviClear™ treatment plan rival the success of Accutane, a popular acne medication, minus the side effects. Patients who have acne and don’t want to resort to using harsh chemicals or taking oral medications with adverse side effects can safely schedule this treatment and achieve a noticeable improvement in their skin.

The Treatment Benefits

Not only is AviClear™ a safe treatment, but it can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin, and it does so without health risks. Using the power of light to perfect the skin, it targets the pores and acne at the source, unlike many topical products and oral medications. Other treatment benefits include:

It effectively treats existing and prevents future acne without medications or chemicals Treatments are quick and painless Treatments are safe and don’t cause side effects

What To Expect From Your Treatment Plan

Patients typically need several sessions for optimal and long-lasting results. We typically recommend that patients schedule three treatments with three to four weeks between each. Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. When following this recommended schedule, your total AviClear™ treatment plan will take approximately two to three months to complete.

Eighty percent of patients who followed this recommended treatment timeline saw a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their skin. While results do continue to improve over time, patients can schedule maintenance treatments as needed to address their concerns. The most visible results are noticeable within the first 6 to 12 months after completing the recommended treatment plan.

Enhancing Your Treatment Results

There are ways to enhance your treatment results as you wait for the effects of AviClear™ to become more noticeable in the months following treatment. Staying hydrated, eating a healthy, clean diet, and avoiding processed foods, chemicals, sugars, and excess caffeine and alcohol will help promote optimal skin health.

We also offer different skin care treatments that you can schedule in combination with your AviClear™ treatment plan to address specific skin concerns and promote optimal skin health. If you have other skin concerns you want to address, we can discuss them during your initial consultation.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Many patients are hesitant to undergo laser treatments for fear of pain, but the good news is that this laser can treat your acne and clear your skin without discomfort. You won’t need a pre-treatment numbing cream, nor will you need any pain medication to be comfortable during the treatment.

Another one of the many benefits of AviClear™ is that the device uses a cooling mechanism with sensory controls to ensure that the skin remains at a comfortable temperature during the treatments. You can schedule your treatment without concern for any discomfort.

Am I a Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for this treatment if you suffer from oily, congested, or acne-prone skin. Patients who have tried topical solutions and certain acne medications without achieving their desired results make good candidates for this treatment since it will target acne in a way that other treatments do not.

Patients who don’t want to begin using Accutane or who experience the medication’s potential side effects also make good candidates for this treatment since it provides a safe solution to treat and eliminate acne. We can schedule an initial consultation at our office to evaluate your skin, ask you some questions, and confirm whether you are a good candidate. Then we can design your unique treatment plan so you can experience clear, healthy-looking skin as soon as possible.

Achieve Clearer, Healthy-Looking Skin With a Safe Acne Treatment You no longer have to let acne affect your confidence in your appearance because there is a safe, effective treatment that will promote optimal skin health. Our team is ready to meet with you to discuss your skin concerns and help you begin a journey towards clearer, glowing, healthy-looking skin.

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